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Tiger Mom Meets Jewish Mom

Tiger Mom Meets Jewish Mom


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Tiger Mom meets Jewish Mom 

What is all this fuss about Amy Chua overtly confessing to be a Tiger Mom? Jewish mothers, if they would tell you their age, have been around for centuries working behind the scenes. And the animal that would best describe them-- well, that is yet to be determined.

The Jewish Response to the Tiger Mom with Mrs. Chary Fox will be hosted on Sunday, March 6th from 7:00- 8:30.

Mrs. Chary Fox, an international educational consultant with 21 years of vast experience is highly sought after by some of the most exclusive and successful private schools in the United States, South America and Europe.  She gives workshops for the Board of Jewish Education and at numerous UJC’s and community centers.   Through her unique methods, schools she works with find themselves with waiting lists of children. Rivky Rothman an attendee at one of her recent lectures said,” She has the wit of Oprah Winfrey, the straightforwardness of Dr. Phil, and the sensitivity of your mom.”

“Tiger Mom meets Jewish Mom” will address the buzz questions being debated by parents and educators across the globe since the book’s release last month.  Is tough parenting really the answer? Is never accepting a grade lower than an “A” insanity or a push to success in a competitive world? Should we raise our children on the basis of, “It’s a tough world out there?” or might that become a self fulfilling prophecy? Do “weak willed, indulgent Westerners” bring up children who are “losers?”   The bottom line is: What balance of love, discipline and environment will raise emotionally and educationally healthy children while allowing their caregivers to delight in the process and leaving their caregivers sane?   Empower yourself with practical & effective parenting/teaching techniques from an expert whose advice has borne over two decades of successful results for thousands of children.

“This lecture is the most fantastic gift you could give yourself or the children,” says Leah Kurinsky, co-Director of Chabad @ the Beaches. ” Her lecture was the most, practical, informative and empowering lecture I have heard in ten years! After leaving her lecture I had only one question, “How can I get her to Ponte Vedra”

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