1st Seder Night Featuring Delicious, Traditional Passover favorites

First Course
Plated Garden Salad

Served with Trio of Salads:
Egg Salad
French Carrot Salad
Gourmet Potato Salad

2nd Course
Gefilte Fish on lettuce platters topped with carrot

3rd Course
Garden Vegetable Soup

4th Course
Passover Roast
Chicken Basquaise
Potato Medley

5th Course- Dessert
Sponge Cake
Macedoine of Seasonal Fruits

2nd Seder Menu - Featuring an International Themed Menu

First Course
Fish Quenelle avec Carotte

2nd Course
Israeli Salad
Swedish Salad
Mediterranean Citrus Salad

3rd Course

4th Course
Caribbean Two Tone Potato
Pacific Rim Chicken
German Vegetable Delight

5th Course
All-American Brownies
topped with fruit

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