"Picture Stephen Colbert with a beard and a black hat, and you've got Mendy Pellin", says The New York Times.

Mendy Pellin is a Hassidic comedian and filmmaker who has transformed the face of Jewish entertainment. His stand­up has been seen all over the world. From a Yeshiva in Brooklyn to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

While juggling his entertainment career, he found time to attend yeshiva and became an ordained Rabbi at age 21. More recently, he partnered with J Brand founder Jeff Rudes, to form Jewbellish.com a comedy brand that embellishes Jewish culture. He's garnered millions of views on YouTube with his satirical take on current events.

He’s also worked with a wide array of fellow celebrities ­ from Avraham Fried to Brad Pitt. Mendy currently lives with his wife Shulamis and three kids in Los Angeles. He often partners with other celebrities, notably Larry King and Michael Strahan, to benefit a wide array of philanthropic causes about which he is passionate.