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The Dinner Program or (Ad Journal) will be given out at the event to all honorees and attendees.
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Ad Sample #1

To our dear friends

[Honorees names here]


Congratulations on being chosen
as this year’s honorees!

We Salute You!

May Hashem continue to
grant you the strength to
persevere, the ability to
achieve and the will to
share your success with the community!


Mazal Tov!

[You name here]

Ad Sample #2

To our esteemed guests of honor

[listed by name]

We admire and respect your dedication to ensuring the success of Chabad. May your family, friends and the entire community following your footsteps to help perpetuate the great work of Rabbi & Mrs. Kurinsky and the entire Chabad family. We wish you continued success in all of your endeavors and may your children continue to learn by your example


Mazal Tov!

[your name here]

Ad Sample #3

Our very best wishes
to our dear friends

[Honoree’s name here]

on this most deserving honor


We are thrilled to be able to share this special night with you


Mazel Tov!
Keep up the good work!

[Your name here]


(variation, instead of we are thrilled... you can write "we are so proud of you!")


Ad Sample #4

Mazel Tov & Best Wishes

To all the Honorees

Yasher Koach
Chabad @ the Beaches

May you continue to be an
inspiration t
o the entire


[Your name here]


Ad Sample #5

Congratulations and
best wishes to

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Kurinsky

For your tireless efforts and boundless Chessed on behalf of klal Yisroel


With much admiration,

[your name here]

Ad Sample #6

We are delighted

To honor our dear friends

[Honoree’s name here]

May you continue to be a
source of strength to the
Jewish community

Ad Sample #7

[Establishment Name Here]

wishes a Mazel Tov to

All the Guests of Honor

On this well deserved honor


And thank you to Chabad for all

they do for the community


[optional: personal name & company name]

Ad Sample #8

In honor of

[Honoree’s name here]

Congratulations &
Best Wishes


[your name here]