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Camp Gan Izzy

Camp Gan Izzy

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Gan Israel is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish Day Camps in the
world. Gan Israel Day Camps enjoy a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with
innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities being introduced continuously.
Many a child has been known to wait all year to come back to Gan Israel! Campers will
enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and spirited
atmosphere.The real secret to our success lies in our outstanding staff. The camp is
directed by two experienced educators known for their professionalism and ability to
motivate, excite and connect with children.
Gan Israel is much more than a physical break from the school routine and winter
activities. It’s a comprehensive program designed to strengthen the body and soul. It
provides your child with a rich and wholesome summer vacation of fun and excitement
along with friendship and meaningful educational experiences.
There are hundreds of them around the world, with tens of thousands of campers.
When the sun is at its zenith in every major city and on every continent, the summer
camps of Chabad shine their light on yet another generation of Jewish children.
The Gan Israel camps span a diversity of cultures, languages and regions, extending
from Alaska to Florida and from Australia to Zaire. But no matter how disparate, they
are—like some spiritual Starbucks—all alike in their trademark spirit, joy and Jewish
pride that permeate the Gan Israel camp experience.
In 1956, Chabad-Lubavitch launched Gan Israel, an international network of summer
camps, where children of all ages and walks of life learn to love their heritage while
enjoying the best experience that camping offers.
Gan Israel has grown into the world’s largest network of Jewish summer camps, with
the summer of 2004 recording over 100,000 campers in North America, Europe,
Australia, Russia, South America, and even Hong Kong.
Over 60% of the children that attend Chabad-Lubavitch summer camps are from
unaffiliated Jewish homes. To this end, introductory classes and exciting programs
present Judaism in a relaxed, user-friendly manner. In addition, a growing number of
Chabad-Lubavitch summer camps are now equipped to aid children with special needs.
Days in Camp Gan Israel are filled with diverse, exciting recreational activities, such as
sports, swimming, creative crafts, drama, Shabbat experiences and Jewish-themed
programs. All activities are carefully chosen to instill a spirit of sportsmanship, self-
confidence and creativity.
Gan Israel campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their Jewish heritage.
Weekly Judaic themes are taught through activities, stories, games and contests that
are part of the unique Gan Israel experience. Combined with discussions and
educational programs, we bring to life the beauty and values of our traditions.
Gan Israel prides itself on its exceptional staff. All staff come with prior camp
experience and a desire to work with kids. Bunk sizes are kept small and well staffed.
Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each
child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them
friendships that will last forever. Their love for the children is perhaps surpassed only
by the children's' love for them.

Session 1: June 27 through July 15. Session 2: July 18 through August 5


- Enroll before April 15 5% off!!!

- Sibling Discount 5% off (valid until April 15th)

CGI is a project of Chabad’s four local branches and is located at
Chabad of Southside (11271 Alumni Way 32246)

Through age ten. Camp hours are 9 am 1:00pm/3:00 pm

Session 1: June 27 through July 15. Session 2: July 18 through August 5

9am - 1pm $320 per session
9am - 3pm $410 per session

(Mini camp available before and after summer camp)

Registration fee: $35 per child


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Camp Gan Israel
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Jacksonville, FL 32246
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Division I
Ages 2-5 (Ganeinu)
Division II
Ages 6-11