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Do you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Yartzeit, Anniversary or special occasion you'd like to share? Celebrate with your family and friends at Chabad.
Any amount is welcome to contribute, there is never a fee to attend.

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Listed below are the Shabbat sponsorship and sponsors for the year.
If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat, either;
A. Make your donation  here ; or
B. Contact  Rabbi Nochum to discuss other options.
$1,000 Big RED - Sponsor a full all out Shabbat Experience
$500 Gold Shabbat Sponsor 
$360 Silver Basic Friday Night or Shabbos Day Sponsor
$180 Copper Shabbat Co-Sponsor

Co-sponsor option is available. Holidays and special events: Call for information.

6th-7th Parshas Shoftim  
13th-14th Parshas Ki Teitzei  
20th-21st Parshas Ki Tavo  
27th-28th Parshas Niztavim  
4th-5th Parshas Vayelech


11th-12th Parshas Haazinu  
18th-19th Sukkot  
25th-26th Parshas Beraishis  
1st-2nd Parshas Noach  
8th-9th Parshas :Lech Lecha  
15th-16th Parshas Vayeira  
22nd-23rd Parshas Chayei Sara


29th-30th Parshas Toldot  


6th-7th Parshas Vayeitzei Friday Night is Sponsored by Mark Syken in honor of his mother's Yahrtzeit.
13th-14th Parshas Vayishlach  
20th-21st  Parshas Vayeishev  
27th-28th Parshas Mikeitz  
3-4th Parshas Vayigash  
10th-11th Parshas Vayechi  
17th-18th Parshas Shemot  
24th-25th Parshas Va'eira
31st- Feb 1st Parshas Bo  
7th-8th Parshas Beshalach  
14th-15th Parshas Yitro
Dr Kenneth Csillag in honor of the 30 day mark of his dear mother’s passing. 
21st-22nd Parshas Mishpatim  
28th-29th  Parshas Terumah  
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