This week's Shabbos Sponsor

Shabbos Day Kiddush is sponsored by Dr Kenneth Csillag in honor of his birthday.

  Sponsor an upcoming Kiddush

The magic is made possible by you! 

Do you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Yartzeit, Anniversary or special occasion you'd like to share? Celebrate with your family and friends at Chabad.
Any amount is welcome to contribute, there is never a fee to attend.

Thank you for being a Shabbat sponsor.

Listed below are the Shabbat sponsorship and sponsors for the year.
If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat, either;
A. Make your donation  here ; or
B. Contact  Rabbi Nochum to discuss other options.
$1,000 Big RED - Sponsor a full all out Shabbat Experience
$500 Gold Shabbat Sponsor 
$360 Silver Basic Friday Night or Shabbos Day Sponsor
$180 Copper Shabbat Co-Sponsor

Co-sponsor option is available. Holidays and special events: Call for information.

6th-7th Parshas Shoftim  
13th-14th Parshas Ki Teitzei  
20th-21st Parshas Ki Tavo  
27th-28th Parshas Niztavim  
4th-5th Parshas Vayelech


11th-12th Parshas Haazinu  
18th-19th Sukkot  
25th-26th Parshas Beraishis  
1st-2nd Parshas Noach  
8th-9th Parshas :Lech Lecha  
15th-16th Parshas Vayeira  
22nd-23rd Parshas Chayei Sara


29th-30th Parshas Toldot  


6th-7th Parshas Vayeitzei Friday Night is Sponsored by Mark Syken in honor of his mother's Yahrtzeit.
13th-14th Parshas Vayishlach  
20th-21st  Parshas Vayeishev  
27th-28th Parshas Mikeitz  
3-4th Parshas Vayigash  
10th-11th Parshas Vayechi  
17th-18th Parshas Shemot  
24th-25th Parshas Va'eira
31st- Feb 1st Parshas Bo  
7th-8th Parshas Beshalach  
14th-15th Parshas Yitro
Dr Kenneth Csillag in honor of the 30 day mark of his dear mother’s passing. 
21st-22nd Parshas Mishpatim  
28th-29th  Parshas Terumah  
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