The Living Torah 

SMpq1857092.jpgLiving Torah distils the Rebbe’s teachings, presenting them in a format accessible to scholar and novice alike. Using subtitles to translate the Rebbe’s talks, the Torah segment gives a taste of the thrilling experience of learning Torah directly from the Rebbe

Each program consists of four segments and is approximately 15 minutes in length.

The segments include: 

Discover Torah 
A talk by the Rebbe on the weekly Torah portion. 
Special Moments 
A special moment with the Rebbe. 
Eye to Eye 
A personal conversation with the Rebbe. 
My Encounter with the Rebbe
Short stories and experiences with the Rebbe, as retold by the individuals who recall the events. 
Every Saturday Night, havdalla as soon as Shabbos ends and video 20 minutes after the end of Shabbos.