As Rosh Hashanah approaches we are preparing some of the special honors given at the services. 

As everyone in shul is deserving of an aliya, it has become challenging to designate aliyos to some and not others.


It is for this reason that we have decided to let you make the choice, by a form of giving tzedakah on behalf of any of those honors that you would like for yourself, for a friend, or for one of the designated aliyos traditionally given to the Rabbi, Cantor and Shofar blower.

This will of course benefit our Shul too.

Thank you for your understanding and participation.

Pesicha – opening the Ark  $500 Danny Safra
Cohen  $270  Masha Hleap
Levi  $180  Kenny and Joan Csillag
Shlishi (3rd Aliya)  $180  Todd Bernstein
Revii (4th Aliya)  $180  Stanley Cohen
Chamish (5th Aliya)  $180  Gabe Lankry
Hagba – Lifting Sefer Torah  $54  
Galila–Wrapping and tying Torah  $36  
Maftir & Haftorah  $180  Avraham Benshimon
Holding Torah during Yizkor  $100  
Mincha Yom Kippur

Levi  $180  
Shlishi – Maftir    
Yona (tradition teaches he who buys Maftir Yona gains a source of blessing for all material needs). Anyone can contribute any amount and participate. 

 Group Effort

 $1,00 Ben Simon Family
$180 Dr. Gavriel and Leorah Mencselesz
$1,000 Danny Safra
$540 Avi Koren


Opening the Ark for Neila – a time where all gates of heaven open $1,500  
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