Regardless of size, family life can often seem like a three ring circus. Between school, work, and extracurricular activities, our homes and lives are busy and chaotic.

“What are the values and behaviors that really make your family?” asks Eli Heilig, Cteen president.  “What is your family’s mission statement?”
Despite the many technological advances of this era, families are taking a giant step backward. Our electronic gadgets, like Wiis, iPods, and blackberries, may be convenient and fun but more often than not they tend to lock us out of solid quality time.  
And that’s not the only interference. Trying to talk to someone while they are listening to their iPod is one thing, but trying to communicate across a generation is even harder. Parents and teens alike face this difficulty and often feel like their conversations are as effective as whispering to each other across a crowded room.
“Today’s teens are struggling with bridging the gap between their family members,” says Rabbi Eli Wilansky “Effective family communication is critical. Theability to work together through difficult situations and obstacles is crucial to family growth and success.”  
This month, CTeen of Ponte Vedra/Jax Beaches brings you the “Family Circus”, packed with wild family activities and meaningful discussions that you don’t want to miss.

On [DATE], head out to the circus of a lifetime at [LOCATION] at [TIME].

CTeen is for teenagers between the ages of [13-15], who meet up to have fun while learning new things, exploring their identities and doing good. **