My big fat Jewish wedding

Some make it over the top and get carried away by the thrills and frills of the bridesmaids’ gowns. Others opt for a more modest affair.  Skeptics do not even bother with it and claim it is overrated and unnecessary. Any way you view it, marriage is one of the most ancient of traditions.  Unfortunately, it is ironically taboo for many Americans.

“What is marriage all about?” asks 
Elie Heilig, Cteen president.  “These days a couple can live together and spend their time and interests as one, but does that make them married?”

Marriage is about commitment. Two people, two seemingly totally different entities, come together and willingly spend their lives together building a home.   The climactic nature of growing up, finding one's other half, and jumping into such a selfless life seems so huge and unnatural on so many levels.  Trying to make things last in this disposable age we live in can seem insurmountably difficult.

Chabad @ the Beaches’ Cteen chapter is gearing up for a Big Fat Jewish Wedding where they will untangle the knots of marriage stereotypes.  Teens will unveil the purpose of marriage and the importance of commitment on 
Feb 16th  
Come crash the party at
Chabad, 521 a1a north at 5:00 PM

CTeen is for teenagers between the ages of 
[13-15], who meet up to have fun while learning new things, exploring their identities and doing good. ** 

CTeens is open to all Jewish teens in the community regardless of affiliation. If you are, have, or know a Jewish teenager, please encourage them to join. If you would like to add input, suggestions, or volunteer, please let CTeen know! Call 
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