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Bagels Learning Torah /Tefillin

8:30 AM: Do you ever come to shul, hold a siddur, and read, but feel it has no meaning to you? if so this class is for you. Join Mr. Pinchos Kurinsky for a practical and informative class on prayer. The class will cover specific prayers, their literal and deeper meanings.

9:00 am: Instructional Minyan. Join us as we hold morning services. This is an opportunity to learn about, acquaint with and gain appreciation for, the rich and enriching Jewish practice - the Mitzvah - of donning Tefillin. Bring your own Tefillin. Or, if you don't own a pair, we have one waiting. Mr. Kurinsky will offer insights and explain the structure of the prayers as well as the meaning behind the structure and words of the prayers.

 9:40 am: Full delicious breakfast will be served.