Chabad Launches Brand-New Early Childhood Development Center


Visit the Ganeinu Site for more info

Chabad proudly announces the formation of a brand new Jewish Pre-School called Ganeinu. Ganeinu is a premier early childhood development center — a place where Jewish children will enjoy an exciting, creative and nurturing experience that will provide them with a solid foundation educationally and socially.


Affiliated with the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish educational institutions in the world, the new program is on the cutting edge of child education and skillfully designed to serve children from the widest array of Jewish backgrounds, ranging from religious to the unaffiliated.


Ganeinu will be centrally located in the Southside, a brief driving distance from Mandarin as well as the Beaches.


The Goal of Ganeinu Early Childhood Development Center is to equip every enrolled child with the necessary skills to succeed and thrive in life, as an American and as a Jew.


Visit the Ganeinu Site for more info