Light Up Your Life:


 Jacksonville Beach’s Chanukah celebrations will receive a significant boost this year as a Seix-foot Menorah is erected in the center of Atlantic Beach/Neptune Beach town Center. A special celebration will be held at the Menorah on TBD.

Atlantic Beaches Council approved the request, put forth by longtime local resident Linda Ginsberg and Chabad @ the Beaches, at a meeting on TBD.

"Chanukah's a time for celebrating the freedom to openly celebrate our values; this Menorah proclaims that message to the world", said Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky, Director of the Jacksonville Beaches based Chabad @ the Beaches, Center for Jewish Life, "we appreciate Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beaches eagerness to bring a comprehensive Holiday spirit to the town. They displayed a marvelous sense of leadership and understanding."

Light refreshments and chocolate Chanukah 'gelt' will be available on Wednesday evening as well as fresh latkes, a game for children and music. The entire community is invited for this momentous event. For more information please call Chabad @ the Beaches at 904-543-9301.

The Menorah Lighting in the Town Center is just one of many events that Chabad @ the Beaches has planned for Chanukah. For a full schedule of Chanukah events please visit our website