Join Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky of Chabad @ the Beaches for a Crash Course in Basic Judaism beginning February 1st.

The course is designed to give its participants an appreciation and basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Judaism. What are the reasons behind some of the many traditions of our people? Discover the beauty of the Mitzvos and their relevance to the time.

This, high-energy, Three week lecture series provides a basic introduction to Jewish philosophy and observance, covering such topics as: Belief in G‑d, Prayer, The Sabbath and Sexuality. The up-beat course emphasizes the positive aspects of Jewish life.

The class will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 beginning February 1st, at Chabad @ the Beaches' Center for Jewish Life: 521 A1A N in Ponte Vedra, directly across the Ponte Vedra Library. The cost of this course is a $36.00 suggested donation with advance registration


Topics Include:

  • Belief in G‑d
  • Prayer
  • The Shabbat
  • Jewish Observance
  • Sexuality


Join us on Wednesdays February 1, 8 and 16.


7:00 - 8:15


Chabad @ the Beaches
521 A1a N
Ponte Vedra Beach


Instructor: Rabbi Nochum Kurinsky