Peer pressure, prom, parents, pimples, popularity, it’s all one big mess. High school has always been synonymous with drama, drama, and more drama. Yet ever since the birth of the hormone, all would agree that the king bee of all teenage issues is dating.
“Dating in high school goes from the superficial and non-threatening scale all the way to the deep end,” says Ms. Elie Heilig, Cteen President “The problem, perhaps, is the reasoning behind our relationships. When we date, are we dating for a purpose? Or is it just dating to date?” Elie asks.
Save the date January 19th at 5:00 PM This month CTeens presents “The Dating Game”. Join us as we rethink society's view on dating while enjoying an exciting array of activities including interactive games like “Singled Out” and “My Blind Date” and discover what building model airplanes can teach you about relationships.