Torah Studies

  • Join us for a weekly Torah class on now on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, based on insights from the Rebbe.
    Absolutely No charge, suggested donation $18 per class.
    Note, a text will go out the night before or the morning of the class if it needs to canceled that week.

    These days, it seems like nothing has a shelf life longer than a week. Every day brings another superhero franchise, fashion trend, or dieting fad. News cycles shift by the hour, social media feeds and timelines by the second. With everything flickering, flashing, and constantly updating, it’s little wonder life sometimes feel so impermanent.

    For me, there’s no better way to slow things down than to pull back, if only for short while, and try to see things from a more timeless perspective. Our own Jewish traditions are filled with so many breathtaking insights, and they won’t fade away into irrelevance in a few days. Connecting to our own heritage, and ultimately to a divine wisdom, makes the all very human things we do feel richer, more meaningful, and part of something longer lasting.

    The Torah Studies program at  AARON & BLANCHE SCHARF CHABAD AT THE BEACHES tries to make this happen every single week. Each class take a topic or idea in Jewish thought to explore, tease out, and bring into play with our own lives. Each one is built around texts that we’ll learn together so that you can see these ideas for yourself, argue over them, and apply them to life your own way. Below, you can see an outline of a few of the upcoming sessions, and I’d love if you could join me for what promises to be a fun, engaging, and deeply rewarding learning experience. They are open to everyone, of all abilities, so bring along a friend too!

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Upcoming events
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After Shabbat ends, please see calendar for Shabbat end time.
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After Shabbat ends, please see calendar for Shabbat end time.