Do you yearn to be constructive and leave your mark on this world? Do you crave responsibility and purpose? Ever get frustrated when you cannot actualize your potential?
If you nodded your head to even one of these questions, you are in good company. Teens across the world stand ready to play an integral role in society yet, unfortunately, all too often their hands are tied by society and they lack opportunities for achievement. Teens watch their hopes evaporate as they are plastered with labels like “inexperienced” and “immature”.

 This month, CTeens at Chabad at the Beaches are scheduled to hash out the transformation into adulthood, with the “Coming of Age” event on. And being that the Jewish “legal age” begins at Bar/Bat Mitzva, a festive, informal celebration is also in the works. 

The fun is all happening at CTeens’s hub at 521 a1a north 
 Wednesday, December 8th at 5:00 PM